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Personalised climbing instruction

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“Mehmet discussed our objectives in advance and the day was clearly tailored around them. It was a really personal and productive day and we got a huge amount of value from it.” Steve

“Mehmet really took the time to understand what our objectives were for the day and tailored our activities around them. I learned an incredible amount in a short space of time and feel much more confident in my gear placements and ability to lead routes safely.” Michael, Learn to Lead Climbing Course

“Had a fantastic day at the crag with Mehmet. … He managed to get the measure of his clients quickly and we both learned well through a progressive day culminating in the excellent Cave Route.” Maurice

“…Mehmet brought me back to leading after a year or so of just seconding; he was patient and very knowledgeable.” Maria

“We had a great weekend and it really exceeded our expectations. You covered a lot in two days and I can already see it’s just the beginning.” Colin and Kathleen, Learn to Lead Climbing Course

“… a very good experience with a great instructor. He took time to help me meet my goals for the day and greatly built up my confidence for the future. Would highly recommend Mehmet.” Emma, Learn to Lead Climbing Course

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Scrambling instruction days

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Scrambling instruction days
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Prepare for scrambling qualifications

“…a very enjoyable day up Curved Ridge on the iconic Buachaille Etive Mòr. Mehmet’s confident rope work ensured we were safe at all times and allowed us to fully appreciate the magnificent views up Glen Coe and across Rannoch Moor without any drama.” Karl Erik, Get Started Scrambling course participant

“I successfully climbed Tower Ridge and descended via Ledge Route on Ben Nevis under the excellent guidance of Mehmet Karatay. The rain was unending, but I felt safe the entire trip and improved my skills hugely. Mehmet is a very engaging guy and is incredibly knowledgeable about the plant life, erosion, environmental concerns and training tips and techniques for your improvement. This was the most advanced standard I had climbed at and it was a very positive and enabling experience!” Chris

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Navigation courses

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Prepare for navigation qualifications
Prepare for navigation qualifications

“Mehmet is a very enthusiastic teacher who clearly wants people to learn the skills necessary for the outdoors. He is engaging and able to give people individual attention and spend time with you if there is something you don’t understand. You feel like you can ask questions at any point.” Participant, Get Started Navigation Course

“…you were always willing to give attention to individuals as well as the group, which helped if someone was struggling with a particular concept.” Participant, Get Started Navigation Course

“Mehmet is an engaging teacher who is clearly enthusiastic about teaching outdoor skills. He caters for all abilities and is patient and happy to spend time with you as an individual to clearly explain things you don’t understand.” Participant, Get Started Navigation Course

“The teaching was tailored to suit our individual levels, which was great because everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.” Participant, Build Your Confidence Navigation Course

“Mehmet was brilliant at tailoring the course as we went in order for us to learn as much as possible. A big confidence-builder and we even got some practice in pretty poor conditions too. Thank you!” Alison, Get Started Navigation Course

“…a fun and informative experience which has left me eager to get out onto the hills and practice my new skills.” Course participant, Get Started Navigation Course

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Hill walking and mountain skills training

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Mountain skills training
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Mountain skills training

“I liked the amount of hands-on activities we did right from the start. Navigating independently and in pairs was especially useful. The frequent opportunities for input and discussion from the group were good as well.” Mountain Skills course participant

“It was an extremely informative but also very entertaining course with enough time to practice the newly acquired skills! Definitely worth attending!” Mountain Skills Course participant

“This was a great course, and I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to gain more confidence on the hill and expand their mountaineering skill set.” Mountain Skills Course participant

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